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Evolution in Biomarker Testing in CCA
Videos — July 21, 2021
Using next-generation sequencing to detect FGFR fusion partners and co-mutations to improve efficacy in treating CCA
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Assessing Quality of Life in CCA Patients Treated with FGFR Inhibitors

CCA Summit Live from ASCO 2021
Videos — June 9, 2021
On June 8, 2021, Dr Mitesh Borad, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, and a member of the Cholangiocarcinoma Summit Program Steering Committee, presented the top 15 abstracts on the management of cholangiocarcinoma and biliary tract cancer at ASCO 2021.
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Managing Adverse Events in CCA Patients Treated with FGFR Inhibitors

Considering Toxicities Associated with Specific and Pan-FGFR Inhibitors
Videos — April 21, 2021
Drs Javle, Báñales, and Hollebecque describe their thoughts about the use of pan-FGFR inhibitors compared with those that primarily target FGFR2 and the potential of treating CCA with inhibitors of FGFR1, 3, and 4. Moreover, they consider the most common adverse events associated with inhibitors of FGFR2, of which the most difficult to manage are hyperphosphatemia, nail toxicity, eye toxicity, and fatigue. The importance of educating oncologists on how to treat these toxicities is key to maintaining dose intensity of FGFR inhibitors.
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Key CCA Abstracts Presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society of Interventional Oncology and Society of Interventional Radiology
Videos — April 14, 2021
Bruno Odisio, MD, from the MD Anderson Medical Center, provides expert commentary on key abstracts presented at the 2021 annual meetings of the Society of Interventional Oncology and Society of Interventional Radiology. Dr Odisio presents information on 6 abstracts that highlight new data on diagnostic and interventional modalities for patients with cholangiocarcinoma.
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Selecting Among the FGFR Inhibitors in FGFR2 Fusion–Positive Cholangiocarcinoma

The Role of FGFR Inhibitors in Treating FGFR2 Fusion–Positive Cholangiocarcinoma
Videos — February 22, 2021
Drs Javle and Hollebecque review the phase 2 clinical trial efficacy data of pemigatinib, infigratinib, and futibatinib as second-line therapy of FGFR2 fusion–positive cholangiocarcinoma, and explore use of these agents in the first-line and adjuvant settings.
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The Role of FGFR Genetic Alterations in Cholangiocarcinoma
Videos — January 21, 2021
A discussion of the molecular biology of the FGFR pathway in the growth and development of cholangiocarcinoma.
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Key Cholangiocarcinoma Abstracts Presented at ASCO GI 2021
Videos — January 20, 2021
Rachna Shroff, MD, from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, presents her insights into important new data in cholangiocarcinoma from ASCO GI 2021. New evidence is being presented on FGFR inhibitors, targeted therapies, chemotherapy in second-line, combination therapy, immunotherapy, and more.
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