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Managing CCA Patients While Waiting for Molecular Biomarker Testing Results
Videos — February 21, 2020
Dr Vaibhav Sahai and Dr Angela Lamarca consider options for managing patients with CCA while awaiting results from biomarker testing, which can take 3 to 6 weeks. They discuss starting these patients on first-line chemotherapy and then switching appropriate patients to second-line targeted therapy, and also speak to the increased utility of next-generation sequencing in CCA.
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The Use of Molecular Biomarker Testing in Patients with CCA
Videos — February 4, 2020
Dr Vaibhav Sahai discusses different approaches to molecular biomarker testing, including when to order the tests in the course of the disease, use of institutional and commercial testing facilities, and what platforms exist for testing.
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Current Approaches to Treatment of Advanced CCA
Videos — January 10, 2020
Dr Angela Lamarca discusses approaches to first- and second-line therapy for patients with advanced CCA.
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