Conversations on Cholangiocarcinoma

An Exciting Time for Cholangiocarcinoma Therapy
Videos — December 14, 2021
Understanding more about the molecular biology of cholangiocarcinoma will improve its treatment
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A View to the Future of Cholangiocarcinoma Therapy

Mechanisms of Resistance to FGFR Inhibitors
Videos — October 21, 2021
Drs Javle, Bañales, and Hollebecque discuss the innate and acquired resistance pathways to FGFR inhibitors in cholangiocarcinoma and how these pathways can have important effects on clinical outcomes. They also look ahead to ongoing clinical trials evaluating next-generation FGFR inhibitors that may be able to overcome resistance mechanisms and improve progression-free and overall survival in cholangiocarcinoma.
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The Role of Liquid Biopsy in CCA

Combination Therapy with FGFR Inhibitors in CCA

Evolution in Biomarker Testing in CCA
Videos — July 21, 2021
Using next-generation sequencing to detect FGFR fusion partners and co-mutations to improve efficacy in treating CCA
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Assessing Quality of Life in CCA Patients Treated with FGFR Inhibitors

Managing Adverse Events in CCA Patients Treated with FGFR Inhibitors

Considering Toxicities Associated with Specific and Pan-FGFR Inhibitors
Videos — April 21, 2021
Drs Javle, Báñales, and Hollebecque describe their thoughts about the use of pan-FGFR inhibitors compared with those that primarily target FGFR2 and the potential of treating CCA with inhibitors of FGFR1, 3, and 4. Moreover, they consider the most common adverse events associated with inhibitors of FGFR2, of which the most difficult to manage are hyperphosphatemia, nail toxicity, eye toxicity, and fatigue. The importance of educating oncologists on how to treat these toxicities is key to maintaining dose intensity of FGFR inhibitors.
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Selecting Among the FGFR Inhibitors in FGFR2 Fusion–Positive Cholangiocarcinoma

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